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ART-Ephemeral in School Education

«While drawing I discover what I really want to say»

Dario Fo

ART-Ephemeral in School Education project is the result of the collaboration between 6 different organizations within the educational community from Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and Spain. 

The aim is to promote the inclusion of students, especially those with fewer opportunities within the school environment, in the development of key entrepreneurial competences through art and the use of new technologies to meet the demands of an increasingly globalised and technological society and labour market. On the other hand, we want to improve the educational quality, providing the school personnel with tools for the teaching of ephemeral art that can be applied to different subjects at school and/or as part of the Visual and Plastic Arts curriculum. 

Moreover, the objective is to promote Ephemeral Art as a tool of expression that will allow the students to communicate the consequences, feelings, and emotions that the impact of COVID-19 has produced on their lives, and has meant for them both on a personal and social level, in the school and family environment, and the impact that it may also have on their future on a professional level.

Visit to Primary School Leona Štuklja Maribor!!

TRAINING ACTIVITY IN MARIBOR, SLOVENIA 11th March 2022 During the Training Activity carried out in Maribor, we had the opportunity to visit the Primary School Leona Štukja Maribor. In this visit, we could see how an educational center works in Slovenia. By this way, we could learn a lot of new and different ways of…


 TRAINING ACTIVITY IN MARIBOR, SLOVENIA 12th March 2022 This activity was developed on the 3rd day of the Training Activity (C1) carried out in Maribor. This activity had two principal objectives:  Develop the skills of the teachers related to ephemeral art.Show an example of how to work different contents and the 8 key competences through…

Transnational meeting

Coordination of the project, visit to schools and intercultural exchange.


Training of teachers, ephemeral art projects of the students.

Intellectual ouput

Methodological Guide for Ephemeral Art Teaching in Schools


Local events, final multipler event, dissemination activities.