Intellectual Output (En)

The creation of an intellectual product «METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE FOR EPHEMERAL ART TEACHING IN SCHOOL» is planned, which will design new educational approaches in order to promote the professional development and access to employment of future generations within the cultural and artistic field through the development of key skills and competencies.

The target group will be the teachers, who will benefit from the contents during the training activity,  as well as the students, which will enjoy the implementation of Art Ephemeral projects in their schools and will develop digital, entrepreneurial, expressive and goal-setting skills through collaborative activities and since the second part will include their projects, dedicating a special space to the winners.

In this way, a complete guide is created that includes all the important aspects of this project: activities promoting the inclusion of students, especially those with fewer opportunities within the school environment through informal and non-formal learning (including digital work and the use of new technologies) with a cultural and creative component to help the students to acquire key skills and competences. In addition, it provides the teachers with tools for the teaching of ephemeral art that can be applied to different subjects at school and/or as part of the Visual and Plastic Arts curriculum.