Kick-off meeting


In June 2021 officially starts the project «ARTEPHEMERAL IN SCHOOL EDUCATION»!

The aim of the ARTEphemeral in School Education project is to shape new educational techniques through Ephemeral Art, in order to ensure the development of key competencies of future generations, which will improve their possibilities of job employment in an ever-changing labor market of the globalized world.

The intention is to develop and work on the 8 lifelong learning competencies that are key in the Erasmus+ program in order to enable the students to reach a full personal, social and professional development. In addition, the project addresses the need to sensibilize the students to the worldwide environmental crisis through the usage of recycling materials to build their artistic works. Moreover, it is an opportunity to reinforce networks of Educational Centers through an European Project based on creativity and art, increase their capacity to operate at a transnational level, share and confront ideas, practices and methods.

The project involves 6 organizations from 4 different countries:

  • AIDEJOVEN – International Alliance for Youth Development (SPAIN)
  • Associazione LKL Onlus – Associazione Let’s Keep Learning Onlus (ITALY)
  • Polo Liceale Statale «R. Mattioli» (ITALY)
  • ANKARA AÇSHM – Ankara Aile, Çalışma ve Sosyal Hizmetler İl Müdürlüğü (TURKEY)
  • ZDRUZENJE EPEKA, SO.P – Znanstveno-Raziskovalno Zdruzenje Za Umetnost, Kulturne In Izobrazevalne Programe In Tehnologijo Epeka, Socialno Podjetje (SLOVENIA)

In each country, Ephemeral Art Projects will be implemented, therefore the students will work in multidisciplinary teams for the development of digital, entrepreneurial, expressive and goal-setting skills through collaborative activities. In this way, the aim is to use art and creativity as a tool of expression, which will allow the students to communicate the consequences, feelings and emotions that the impact of COVID-19 has produced on their lives and has meant for them both on a personal and social level, in the school and family environment and the impact that it may also have on their future on a professional level.

During the first meeting, the key points of the project were discussed, such as the main objectives, the presentation of the partners, the financial rules, the schedule of the transnational meetings, the elaboration of the intellectual product «METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE FOR EPHEMERAL ART TEACHING IN SCHOOL», and the planned training course for teachers.

The meeting was concluded by underlining the importance of the intellectual product of the project to allow maximum dissemination!

We can’t wait to share each milestone of an innovative and inspiring project for students and teachers!