Training Activities


The Training Activity (C1) for teachers of “ARTephemeral in School Education” was held from 9th to 12th March 2022 in Maribor, Slovenia!!

The meeting was developed in EPEKA Association with the assistance of AIDEJOVEN, CEIP Seis de Diciembre, ANKARA AILE, LKL Associazione, Polo Liceale Statale «R. Mattioli» and EPEKA as Host Organization. 

The aim of this activity was to provide teachers with the tools and knowledge necessary to apply ephemeral art as a methodological tool in school education. Moreover, thanks to this activity they will be able to develop ephemeral art projects in their schools, which is the second part of the implementation of this project. 

During the first day, the training activity agenda was organised as follows:

  1. Presentation of the day and the agenda 
  2. Overview of the «ARTephemeral in School Education» project 
  3. Description of the Methodological Guide
    • Objectives
    • Technical specifications
    • Parameters to be met
  1. Ephemeral Art as a tool to apply in school to develop the 8 Key Competences for Lifelong Learning:
    • Which are the 8 Key Competences for Lifelong Learning?
    • Examples of the application of Ephemeral Art.
    • Brainstorming, the share of opinions.

It was a very productive day in which we could share a lot of knowledge from the different participants. There were teachers from very different subjects such as: arts, mathematics, informatic, physical education, language and literature… All of them could share with the other their own point of view and could learn a lot of methodological aspects and tools to apply the ephemeral art as a tool of teaching/learning in their classes.

During the second day, the training activity agenda was organised as follows:

  1. The teaching of the use technological tools:
    • Design software (CANVA)
    • 3D Modeling (TINKERCAD)
    • Other technological tools
  1. Exploring Maribor

This second day allowed us to learn more about technological tools related to ephemeral art. Thanks to specialists that EPEKA invited to the Training Activity, we could learn a lot of things about digital design in Canva and ·3D modelling in TinkerCad, so that the teachers will be able to apply all this knowledge in their classes in order to teach the different contents of their specialities and also develop the ArtEphemeral projects and Local Events in their educational centres. In the evening we visited the centre of Maribor and had dinner all together. 

During the third day, the training activity agenda was organised as follows:

  1. Teamwork on how to apply the ArtEphemeral Guide in the classroom:
    • The representatives of each educational centre will draw up a project which includes Ephemeral Art to be developed in their own educational centre. Practical activity. 
  2. Advice and feedback. 

This day the teachers designed a practical activity in order to apply the knowledge they had acquired the other two days to their own speciality and contents. After that, they explain to the others their activity with the objective to share the different ideas and also exchange opinions and advice. Later, we visited a school in Maribor where we could see how they work there and also we had the opportunity to make traditional artwork! All of us were excited with this visit and the traditional activity organised by EPEKA!

During the fourth day, the training activity agenda was organised as follows:

  1. Example of an activity for teachers on how to apply the ArtEphemeral Guide in the classroom.
  2. Sharing the projects ideas developed by the Teachers:
    • Presentation of the projects: achievements, difficulties, doubts.
    • Evaluation of the tools and methodology.
  1.  Summary and an evaluation of the training activity.

That day, the teachers had the opportunity to participate in an activity for teachers that is an example of how to apply the methodological aspects of the ArtEphemeral to different contents from different specialties. The activity was related to the 8 Key Competences and allows the teachers to work on contents from different specialities. In this activity they had to make a scale recreation of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria!!  

This training activity (C1) was a very good time for all of us in which we had the opportunity to talk about a lot of different topics and share a lot of different opinions. In addition, the experts in the different areas could teach us a lot of very interesting things about ArtEphemeral and its application as a methodological tool in School Education. 

In a few days we will show you all the artworks made by the teachers in the training activity!! 


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