Training Activities



This activity was developed on the 3rd day of the Training Activity (C1) carried out in Maribor. This activity had two principal objectives: 

  • Develop the skills of the teachers related to ephemeral art.
  • Show an example of how to work different contents and the 8 key competences through ephemeral art as a methodological tool.

In this activity, the teachers (working in groups) had to make a scale recreation of the ancient Alexandria lighthouse. Starting from a text, they had to create a model of the lighthouse. The text was a poetic text that wanted to imitate the diary of a traveller arriving in Alexandria and seeing the lighthouse for the first time. With this text as the starting point, they had to design a 3D model of Alexandria lighthouse in TinkerCad. 

When they finished the model, they had to make a real scale recreation of the Alexandria lighthouse. They had to use ephemeral materials for this artwork provided by the organization such as cardboard, paper, wooden sticks, plasticine, coloured paper, etc. In addition, they had to add a technological element (drawbridge, sliding doors, pulleys…) and a real light in the top of the building!

When they finished their works, they presented their creation to a jury explaining the process of creation and the difficulties they’d found and the jury decided what creation is the tallest, the most beautiful, the most creative and the most technological. 

This is an example of how to work on the contents of different subjects (such as History, Mathematics, Language and Literature, Technology, Art, Informatic…) and also the 8 key competences: Linguistic communication (they had to communicate their ideas with their partners), Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology (they had to calculate measures, forces, use different materials…), Digital competence (they had to use TinkerCad to do the model), Learning to learn (explaining their difficulties during the process), Social and civic competences (working in groups), Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship (they had to solve problems, find solutions), Cultural awareness and expressions (they increased the value they attributed to the 7 wonders of the ancient world).

This was the text in which they had to based their artworks:

“Walking through unknown lands I came across an imposing building. It was slender, very tall, almost touching the sky and a light shone from the top.

It was protected by sturdy walls that prevented enemies from entering and the only access gate was guarded by guards.

The building was on an island, accessible only by crossing a long bridge that connected it to the mainland.

I was surprised by the technology of that bridge: it was able to disappear to leave the island incommunicado whenever the inhabitants wanted, making the only way to access it by sea.

There were boats in the water, they seemed to be guarding the island from the dreaded pirates as well. 

I had the feeling that there was something important there that they wanted to protect. Something sacred. Very valuable”

The results were very nice!! Here you can see the creations of the different work teams and the presentation of the groups!





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