Training Activities

Visit to Primary School Leona Štuklja Maribor!!


During the Training Activity carried out in Maribor, we had the opportunity to visit the Primary School Leona Štukja Maribor. In this visit, we could see how an educational center works in Slovenia. By this way, we could learn a lot of new and different ways of teaching/learning and different methodological aspects that the teachers will be able to use or implement in their educational centers and also share this knowledge with their partners in their own country. It was a very nice experience in which we could share a lot of different opinions and points of view and also opened our minds about how to organize an educational center.

During the visit, we could see a lot of different parts of the school. We started visiting the teachers’ room in which the director of the center welcomed us and explained some general aspects of the center’s functioning. After that, we visited the gym where we could see the large number of resources dedicated to such an important aspect of education. We also played a little bit of basketball!

Then we visited the classes, the dining room, the library… All of us were very Impressed by how beautiful the school was. The walls of the corridors were full of decorations and artwork made by the students! There was also a portrait of Leon Štukelj, a famous Slovenian gymnast that gives the name to the school. Here you can see some pictures of all these beautiful places.

At the end, we went to a classroom and there an art teacher talked to us about some interesting aspects of her class: the different subjects that she works with the students, the contents and the activities that she does in the classes, the organization of the year… We could learn a lot of interesting things thanks to this presentation. After that, EPEKA (the host organization) and Polona (one of the teachers of the school that was taking part in the training activity) gave us a surprise!! They had organized an activity in which we could make Slovenian traditional artwork!!

It was a very good time for all of us. Here you can see the results!!

In brief, we all had a very good time visiting the school and learnt a lot of interesting and useful things, sharing ideas, opinions, and knowledge between all the members of the group. We would like to thank EPEKA for the organization of the visit and obviously to Primary School Leona Štuklja for opening their doors and allowing us to have such a great time and learn so many things. 

In the next months the teacher will implement in their schools the ArtEphemeral education projects in the School Activity Event and we will have the 4th Transnational Video Conference Meeting in which we are going to talk about the next steps of the project so…


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